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The most attractive feature of a person’s face is their smile. But certain damaging habits dim the smile and make it look less appealing. Dentists of Covington Signature Dentistry have listed down the habits that can damage your teeth in the long run.

1. Drinking Sports Drinks or Soda

Energy drinks and soda contain large amounts of sugar. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and cause tooth decay. Also, the acid in the drinks softens the teeth’s enamel and leads to cavities in the mouth. Avoiding or reducing the consumption of sports drinks or soda helps to save teeth from dental diseases.

2. Chewing on Ice

Children often prefer to chew on ice during summers. This habit tends to cause stress to the teeth. Chewing at the extreme temperature of ice can form cracks on the teeth. It could break or split the tooth, leading to dental emergencies. Dentists advise patients to make sure that the habit is discontinued to maintain good dental health.

3. Biting on Hard Objects

People often use their teeth to open bottles and packages. These habits can crack the enamel of the tooth. It could also affect the root of the tooth. Moreover, some patients damage their gums during the process. Dentists instruct the patient to avoid using their teeth as openers.

4. Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a dental disorder that can cause damage to the teeth. This thins the tooth enamel and stresses the gums. It could also damage the existing fillings in the mouth. Worn-off enamel can lead to injuries inside the mouth. Patients are advised to use night guards to treat teeth grinding.

5. Playing Sports Without Wearing Mouthguards

Indulging in sports activities without wearing mouthguards increases the chance of damage to the teeth because of accidents. This can lead to tooth loss that could have been avoided through mouthguards. This is why dentists advise athletes to take precautionary measures and provide protection to the mouth.

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