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Every year, people waste a lot of their money by not maxing out their dental benefits. Most dental insurance companies reset their “benefit year” as soon as the new year begins, i.e., January 1. This means it’s high time to make use of your dental benefits by December and get that long-awaited dental work done.

The National Association of Dental Plans has estimated that about 2.8% of patients who have PPO dental plans make use of their benefits. The money you waste also depends on your plan’s limits and coverage levels.

Look here: If you have dental coverage as per your benefits package from the employer, then you are letting that money go to waste. In the same way, if you are paying out of pocket for your dental plans and still do not get cleanings or other treatments done, then you are wasting your money again.

If you have an FSA, you are giving up even more money from your out-of-pocket costs. For example, if your dental insurance covers 80% for a root canal procedure, then the rest of 20% you can FSA instead of any out-of-pocket expense.

Don’t Wait For it to be December.

Don’t wait till mid-December to book your consultation with your dentist. Create a plan ahead and schedule an early appointment to make the best use of your benefits. It would be better if you call your dentist and tell them about your dental plans, etc. so that they can give you a detail about your remaining plan and the procedures it might cover.

Dental offices are at high-rush during the year-end time. There are chances that you may not get a slot to see your dentist. Sooner, the better. If there is any dental procedure you have been avoiding to get because of their high cost, then this is the time to check if your dental insurance can cover it or not. If it is, then go for it.

If you wish to know about your dental plans and the procedures they cover in detail; then we can help. Dr. Peter Yeh, DDS at Covington Signature Dentistry, can help you improve your oral health by transforming their smiles. Call us at (253) 638-9955 or schedule an appointment online through our website.

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