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Electric toothbrushes are one of the best dental tools you can use at home to keep your smile healthy. It is still amazing to think how many years ago ancient Babylonians chewed on the end of a twig until its pulp got soft. Now we have an advanced toothbrush, i.e., an electric toothbrush that can help people care for their mouths in a better way.

How to differ between electric toothbrushes?

Even though almost all electric toothbrushes look alike, each brand has unique features. In some toothbrushes, the head rotates or oscillates; others have ultrasonic technology that can help in breaking up plaque and food debris. Some even have timers that beep time by time or settings to choose to massage your gums and stop the brush head.

No matter what model you choose, most of them offer the same benefit.

Why choose electric toothbrushes?

Relief for Aching Joints

For people who have arthritis or other health conditions, electric toothbrushes can help keep control of their hands.

Perfect for Kids

Most children cannot brush their teeth without help until they are about seven years old. Many experts recommend adults monitor child’s brushing habits to avoid developing cavities. An electric toothbrush can make kids feel more independent while brushing. So to attract kids’ attention, there are different models of electric toothbrushes available in the market with bright, flashing lights, and some even play songs for the two-minute brushing time.

Deeper Cleaning Possible for Orthodontic Patients

Patients wearing traditional braces may benefit a lot from an electric toothbrush. They can clean very well between the bristles with vibrating heads that rotate or oscillate and can get into smaller spaces better than a manual toothbrush. Make sure to use a soft-bristled and small brush head to get into the spaces between the brackets and teeth.

While an electric toothbrush is really good to be a part of your oral hygiene, it is not a replacement for professional cleanings or other homecare routines. An electric toothbrush can definitely be a great part of at-home care and help compensate for age or other medical problems. If you still feel it hard to hold your toothbrush, we would advise you to take help for brushing.

Dr. Peter Yeh, DDS at Covington Signature Dentistry, can help improve the oral health of our patients while transforming their smiles. Call us at (253) 638-9955 or schedule an appointment online.

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