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Are the busy last days of summer tempting you to ignore your child’s bi-annual dental exam? That won’t be a good idea! If your child’s physical exams are scheduled and ready with new clothes and shoes to wear to go back to school, then why lag dental visit? Even many schools require a dentist’s signature to verify whether your child has a clean set of teeth.

Scheduling a dental visit now before getting back to school would be actually time-saving. Studies claim that children in the U.S miss more than 50 million hours of school because of dental visits. One of the most common childhood dental diseases is cavities, and its early detection can be key to good oral health for life. So. it’s time to schedule an appointment for your child before school starts.

Here Are Some Tips for A Great Checkup For Your Kiddos

Schedule an Appointment For Your Kid: You know when your child is most cooperative and alert. So, you can schedule an appointment for them accordingly.

Hide Your Dental Phobia: If you are someone with a dental phobia, don’t scare your kids with your perception. If they see you getting cringy when the dentist starts taking out the dental instruments, then the child might feel the dentist is scary and that he/she is in a scary place. Avoid using words like shot, drill, or pain, or threaten to sit still. The more positive experiences a child has, the more they will look forward to visiting again.

Let an Older Child Set An Example: If you’ve booked the appointment for all your children, then let the eldest one who had the most dental experience lead the way by being a positive role model for the other little ones.

Don’t Forget To Bring Their Oral Appliances: If your child uses oral appliances like a sports guard, retainer, or sleep apnea appliance, then ensure to bring it along. Growing teeth or losing baby teeth might alter how they fit, so it’s best to get them re-evaluated.

Save the Office Number In Your Mobile: Emergencies can happen anytime. So you should always keep the number of your dentist saved in your phone diary and remember to take your business card before leaving.

Get into the Groove: Just as you get back with the bedtime routines, also re-establish good oral hygiene habits. Remind them to brush before going to school and also before bed for about two minutes. You can also encourage them to floss daily and keep their mouth healthy.

Dr. Peter Yeh, DDS at Covington Signature Dentistry, can help your children improve their oral health. Call us at (253) 638-9955 or schedule an appointment online.

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