Fillings are the preferred restoration treatment after treating tooth decay and cavities, as well as after root canal therapy. At Covington Signature Dentistry, the dentists offer various types of fillings that meet the specific needs of different patients to seal the tooth from further damage.

What Are the Types of Dental Fillings?

Dentists use three major types of dental fillings, as discussed below.

Amalgam fillings: As the name implies, these fillings are amalgams of different materials like mercury, tin, copper, and silver. They demonstrate good durability.

Composite resin fillings: These tooth-colored resin fillings are composed of various non-metallic materials like glass and quartz that have been mixed to be durable and highly resistant against damage. With proper dental care, filings can last between 5 to 10 years.

Gold fillings: Some patients prefer gold fillings for their teeth. It is the oldest type of filling, which offers maximum durability to the patients.

How Are Dental Fillings Placed?

The dentist begins the procedure by completely examining the patient’s mouth. X-rays of the mouth are obtained for the visual examination to determine the damage caused by the decay.

Local anesthesia is then used to numb the tooth in treatment as it helps to avoid any discomfort caused by the procedure. The dentist then removes the decayed and infected parts of the tooth. Then, they clean it thoroughly using special solutions to remove any leftover bacteria.

Then, the material of the patient’s choice is used to fill the tooth. The dentist uses dental adhesive to cement the filling inside the hole. It is then shaped to look like the original tooth and enable the patient to bite comfortably. The filling is then hardened by using a curing light. The tooth is polished to provide the final look.

Fillings are an excellent choice for patients who have undergone root canal therapy or just suffered tooth decay and cavities. They prevent bacteria from again entering the tooth and help to protect the patient from any further dental decay.

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