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We find it difficult to quench our thirst as summer temperatures rise. Water occupies two-thirds of our body weight. Therefore, staying well-hydrated is essential to keep healthy and ensure better well-being. However, many people are led to believe that soda sports drinks can keep them hydrated and motivated to improve their performance.

The truth is that water is the only magical elixir that prevents dehydration and cannot be replaced with any carbonated soda. Too much consumption of soda sports drinks can even affect your teeth and gums, resulting in poor oral health and well-being.

Impact of Soda Sports Drink on Oral Health

When visiting a supermarket, everyone’s attention falls to the brightly colored sports soda bottles to quench their thirst. But sports drinks have a higher level of sugar and acid that could strip away teeth enamel. Moreover, the thinning of tooth enamel makes the teeth vulnerable to cavities, tooth decay, and sensitivity.

How to Minimize the Damage Due to Sports Drinks

If you are addicted to sports drinks, know that your teeth and sports drink aren’t compatible. Follow these few steps to make sports drinks a tiny bit less risky to oral health.

  • Sip sports drink slowly through a straw to minimize enamel erosion
  • Rinse the mouth with water immediately after consuming a sports drink
  • Avoid brushing your teeth just after consuming the drink
  • Limit the consumption
  • Practice good oral health
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Schedule regular dental examination twice a year

There are some healthy alternatives to keep you hydrated without compromising oral health. Freshwater, watermelon juice, coconut water, and bananas are healthy ways to replenish energy after your activities.

Why Regular Dental Checkups Are So Important

A regular dental checkup is so important because the dentist examines the health of your teeth and gums to ensure better oral health. The dentist performs an overall examination to figure out the presence of plaque or tartar on your teeth. Oral cancer and vitamin deficiencies can also be analyzed with a regular follow-up with an expert.

Visit the dentist once every six months to check for any new developments. Expert dental professionals may recommend better oral hygiene practices and a teeth-friendly diet with low sugar.

If you consume energy drinks regularly, consult with our experts to look at your teeth to spot the dental issues before they become serious. Contact us at Covington Signature Dentistry, 27121 174th Place SE, Suite 202, Covington, WA 98042. Call us to book an appointment at (253) 638-9955.

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