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Researchers have identified the correlation between oral health and general health. They discovered the connection between gum disease and other health diseases such as heart disease.  Through this blog, you will get to know more about it and also how to control the risk.

Correlation Between Oral Health and General Health

Have you ever watched the gushing water carrying wood and leaves quickly down the river? The blood in your body also passes at a similar pace.

In every 20 seconds, the blood completes its trip from head to toe.  This covers 100,000 miles through the veins and arteries to sustain life. But sometimes this system breaks and lets some invaders enter the bloodstream. Usually, we consider a wound as the entry point, but our mouth is an ideal backdoor that goes unnoticed.

There’s a unique collar of gum tissue that surrounds each tooth and some potent bacteria can reside in its hidden enclave. Those microorganisms produce toxins that cause inflammation and, as a result, the gum starts bleeding.  It doesn’t take much time for these bacteria to enter the bloodstream and reach the vessels of the brain.

Blood and Bacteria

In 2010, Case Western Reserve University studied a case of a stillborn baby whose mother suffered from gum disease. The plaque samples from the mother were tested positive for a particular oral bacteria found in the lungs and stomach of the fetus. If the bacteria enters the blood, it can reach anywhere including the placenta. This may cause anxiety among expecting mothers but should highlight the importance of oral health.

Oral bacteria can damage your body in different ways. Diabetes can worsen the condition of those with gum disease and the opposite is also true, that gum disease negatively influences the blood sugar level. Some researchers have also identified oral bacteria from the damaged coronary arteries.

The Hidden Risk

Many are not aware of the relation between unhealthy gums and cancer. Research shows that those with a history of gum disease have a 36%, 49%, and 54% increased risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, and pancreatic cancer respectively. So, it’s better to treat gum disease before it gets worse.

When you keep your mouth healthy, you also ensure your overall health.

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