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A dental emergency is any situation where your oral health is at risk and treatment is needed immediately. If left untreated, a dental emergency may worsen and result in further complications.

Many common dental emergencies involve accidents that cause injury to the face, mouth, or teeth. Any type of tooth damage may require immediate treatment to avoid further complications. There are different types of dental emergencies, as stated below.

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

Even if a small chip or fracture isn’t causing pain, you should still have your dentist repair it as soon as possible. That’s because a small chip or fracture can easily turn into a larger issue. For example, a tooth fracture may grow into a tooth infection, which can eventually lead to the loss of the tooth.

A Knocked-out Tooth

Losing a tooth can happen in a number of ways. You may have bitten into something hard without even realizing it, or you may have lost your tooth in a sports-related accident. Regardless of the cause, a knocked-out tooth can cause panic. But stay calm. If you can find the tooth, rinse it carefully with water, taking care to clean out the mouth and tooth root. If you can, try to place the tooth back in the socket and hold it there. If this isn’t possible, you can try to keep the tooth moist by placing it inside your mouth, between the cheek and gum, or in milk. Get to your dentist’s office right away.

A Lost Filling or Crown

If a cavity is left untreated, the decay will eventually reach the enamel – or the outer layer of the tooth. This can cause pain and may make it difficult to eat. If a cavity is left untreated, the tooth can become infected. An infection can cause severe pain, fever, swelling, and pus around the affected area.

A Sudden Toothache

A toothache can be sudden or gradual. Either way, it’s usually a sign that you have a dental problem that needs attention.

Object Caught Between Teeth

An object caught between teeth needs to be removed quickly. If the object is too big to be easily removed with dental floss, call your dentist. An object between teeth can cause damage to the gums, teeth, and soft tissues in the mouth.

A Broken or Fractured Jaw

A broken or fractured jaw can be one of the more serious injuries that a patient can suffer. A broken jaw occurs when a patient’s bone is cracked or fractured. This can be very painful and can cause the patient to have difficulty opening their mouth, moving their jaw, or eating.

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