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A broken tooth, a dental infection, lost filling, or severe toothache can be quite disturbing, needing urgent medical attention to get immediate pain relief or even prevent the tooth loss. When an unexpected dental emergency happens, it is advised not to overlook it to prevent the risk of permanent tooth damage or the need for expensive dental treatments.

Types of Dental Problems That Might Require Emergency Dental Care

Here are the most common dental concerns that are considered dental emergencies.

  • Severe toothaches
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Loose tooth
  • Abscess or oral infection
  • Severe bleeding from a mouth
  • Something stuck between your teeth
  • Partially dislodged or projected teeth

Things to Do During a Dental Emergency Before You Reaches Us

If you experience any of these situations, know what to do before you reach us. Follow the below-given steps to get things under control:

  • Breathe In

If you encounter a dental emergency, calm yourself down and try to get hold of the situation. Breathe in, analyze the condition and decide the further action – whether to treat it by yourself or call your dentist for a dental emergency.

  • React Carefully

If a part of your tooth, the entire tooth, or a dental appliance is displaced or lost, take them to your dentist or the emergency room as your dentist might be able to restore them.

  • Rinse Your Mouth With Warm Water

Rinsing the mouth with warm water can help relieve toothache to some extend. Also, if there is any food debris stuck between your teeth, remove them using a flosser. If the pain doesn’t subside, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

  • Take care of the broken/ loose wires of orthodontic devices

If the wires of the orthodontic appliance are loose, cover the pointed or sharp edges by applying orthodontic wax or gauze. If its broken wire gets stuck in your tongue, cheeks, or gums, never pull it out by yourself. Instead, visit your dentist soon.

  • If the tooth is knocked out, find it and handle it gently by the crown

Collect the knocked-out tooth and put it gently in a glass of milk or warm salted water. If possible, try to place it back to the socket in place. If you reach your dentist in an hour, he might be able to restore the tooth.

  • For Bitten Lips or Tongue, control bleeding and swelling

If there is severe bleeding resulting from bitten tongue or lips, press a cotton gauze gently. Also, use a cold compress if there is swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Whatever dental emergency situation you face, call your emergency dentist at Covington Signature Dentistry, and explain your current dental condition so that our dentist can give you instructions on how to deal with the situation and prepare for the dental visit.

Covington Signature Dentistry offers dental emergency treatments to our patients in and near Covington, WA 98042. For more details, call us at (253) 638-9955.

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