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The tongue is a vital organ helping the human body in its normal functioning. From enjoying your lovely meal to the most exciting communication, the role of the tongue is unique and marvelous. A healthy tongue is thus indispensable to a healthy body.

The tongue is a muscular organ involved in many activities from breathing, speaking, swallowing, tasting, and licking. The papillae engulfed in a multitude of taste buds not only helps us enjoy our delicious meal by imparting the marvelous tastes, but it also grips the food while moving around the mouth.

The tongue has many nerves that aid in transmitting taste signals to the brain, hence helping in taste sensation.

Normal Healthy Tongue

A normal healthy tongue is usually pink in color and moist, called mucosa with smooth round edges. Of course, light variations of shades may occur from person to person with healthy papillae (small bumps), helping you enjoy the taste. A healthy tongue is always free of cuts and wounds.

Unhealthy Tongue Conditions

Often, most of the discomforts on your tongue are not due to any underlying severe diseases. But it is always good to maintain good oral hygiene and a regular check on your tongue by yourself with the help of a mirror.

Discoloration accompanied by numbness is one quick factor that makes us realize something is not right with our tongue.

Soreness along with any sort of cuts and wounds, can also be painful and cause difficulties while swallowing and drinking.

Below are some unhealthy conditions that can help you determine when you need to consult your doctor:

  • Discoloration ranging from white to black
  • Burning sensation
  • Sore and bumpy
  • Vitamin deficiencies

Treatment for Unhealthy Tongue

Getting treated at the earliest is the smartest choice you can make once you realize the unhealthy condition. Make it a habit to visit our dentist at least twice a year and check yourself before a mirror once a week.

A healthy tongue is a real window for a healthy body. Always have a routine to keep up your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice with the right sort of smooth brush and clean the tongue while brushing.

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