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Dental anxiety or fear is one of the most common reasons that stand in the way of getting oral health care. Even though fear acts as a protective mechanism, it can also keep you from getting good oral care. Dental fear may instill within you due to a number of reasons. But once a patient visits our practice, we understand their anxiety issues and find ways to make them feel at ease.

Trust Can Overcome Fear.

It might be past dental experiences from uncaring dentists that invoke fear in someone. It is necessary to help you get out of the fear so that you can get the dental care you deserve. We listen to our patients at our practice, as it is an important step to form trust. We never belittle or blame them for their fear; instead, we win them with empathy. In order to have a change you wish for, first, we need to build trust. You can take your time to trust us. We will ensure to offer you a positive and comfortable experience in our practice.

Discussion is the Key

Understanding the complications a fear can cause, we use mild sedation that can help you stay calm throughout the appointment. You might have already heard about “laughing gas” or “nitrous oxide,” one of the mildest forms of sedation. It is breathed in and out through a mask, making you feel relaxed in no time. For a higher level of dental fear, we may have to make use of other medications to serve your dental needs. If you need sedation for your treatment, you can discuss this with our team. We will help you determine what sedation option is right for your dental treatment.

Dental fear can also be dealt with simple music or maybe just by scheduling your appointment at your comfortable time. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, just let us know that. If it is the music or timing of the appointment, we can help you feel relaxed throughout the treatment. Our team will keenly listen to your concerns and create a treatment plan that you will better with.

Don’t hesitate to talk about your dental fear or anxiety, as our team is experienced in the field and can help you out. Dr. Peter Yeh, DDS at Covington Signature Dentistry, can help improve the oral health of our patients while transforming their smiles. Call us at (253) 638-9955 or schedule an appointment online.

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