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It is natural to feel dental anxiety or fear as many patients go through this. But this fear should not interfere with your dental health. It is estimated that about 40 million Americans avoid dental visits because of extreme anxiety. It is necessary to understand the cause behind that fear and find the solution.

There are many reasons behind dental fear. A few and most common are the following:

1. It might be your personal experiences that significantly impact the level of anxiety, especially as a child.

In order to have a comfortable and safe experience, it also majorly depends upon the dentist’s personality. For example, if the procedure you are undergoing is quite complicated, then a warm and compassionate dentist can help dampen your anxiety. But instead, if the dentist is cold and uncaring, then the anxiety may escalate instead of falling down. We understand that, and we offer exceptional care to our dentist.

2. Unpleasant experiences in other healthcare settings can also carry fear.

The “hospital” smells, and the appearance of staff in sterile clothing may scare many patients. Children who receive uncomfortable immunizations may think the dental office would offer a similar experience. That’s why we have created a safe and warm environment for our patients to interact.

3. Everyone hates the feeling of going out of control.

Control or perception can prove critical in controlling your dental fear. We clearly understand your concerns. We will clearly discuss them and offer you comforting care accordingly.

4. If you are someone who has watched the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors, then it might probably prompt you to skip your dental appointment.

You might have often heard about your friend’s, neighbor’s, or relative’s stories of a horrible dental visit and how things went wrong. This might instill fear into you. We sometimes feel awestruck by some of the myths that we hear from our patients who visit us for their dental treatment. There are many unrealistic stories in the town; it would be better to discuss them with a dental professional. You can get rid of this fear with a good dental experience and a wonderful dental team that can give you the best care you always want to get.

Dr. Peter Yeh, DDS at Covington Signature Dentistry, can help improve the oral health of our patients while transforming their smiles. Call us at (253) 638-9955 or schedule an appointment online.

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