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Family dentists (or general dentists) specialize in general dental care for everyone in the family, from children to seniors. In addition to regular preventive dental care like teeth cleanings and dental exams, family dentists help with things like:

Faster diagnosis

If your dentist knows your family, they might be able to spot a developing condition before it progresses. If children are seeing the same dentist from the time they first get their baby teeth, the dentist will be able to monitor changes as the teeth come in, grow, and fall out.

Better communication

When a family dentist is treating multiple members of a family, they can set up a custom plan for each family member. Additionally, a family dentist can help patients learn about the treatments and procedures. This empowers patients to make decisions about their oral care.

Better accessibility

Convenience for the entire family is one of the main benefits of a family dentist. Instead of dozens of different appointments at different dental offices, you can schedule the whole family to see the same dentist. This can save you lots of time and hassle. Plus, the family dentist may be able to provide same-day appointments for emergencies.

Fewer emergencies

When you bring your child to the dentist every six months, it’s less likely that they’ll experience a dental emergency, like broken or knocked out teeth. During their routine exams, your dentist will check for dental problems, like cavities and gum disease, and repair or replace teeth as needed.

Lower cost in the long run

When you choose a family dentist, you won’t have to pay extra for procedures like dental exams, cleanings, and preventive care. You’ll always know what to expect with dental costs at a family dentist.

Family dentists typically have extensive experience with a variety of dental treatments. This allows them to treat a wide variety of dental problems. If you need a dental procedure, you won’t have to visit a specialist. A family dentist can easily treat all of your dental needs.

More convenient

A family dentist is more convenient than having a separate dentist for each member of your family. You can schedule a time for dental appointments that work best for your schedule.

A family dentist can also offer convenience by accepting dental insurance. They can also offer payment plans for patients who don’t have insurance.

More family-centered care

Family dentists treat patients of all ages, from young children to older adults. This makes them a family’s “one-stop shop” for their oral health care needs.

Better dental records management

Many families are seeing the benefits of having a family dentist that can help keep everyone’s dental records in one place. This can help save time and confusion at the dental office. It can also make it easier to get copies of records when needed for school, sports, or potential medical needs.

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